Saturday, 20 September 2014

Father's Office Review

This place is in the CDB. I went there on a Sunday afternoon and had a burger and fries and it was real good. Check it out sometime. Like now! Go now. Have some bloody fries and a burger. They good.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Quarter Review

This place is in Degraves St. I've been a few times and really like it. Good service, good location, good foods! Decent servings for the price you pay. Just bloody go there and have a great time, yeah!

Po Boys Review

This is a really popular place in Fitzroy and everyone seems to love it but look, I'll be honest- I find it a bit overrated. They are prety much just giving you a bunch of meat and sauce in a bread and charging you a fair bit for it. It's fairly tasty sure, but ehhhh, I dunno. I'm not convinced.

Still, it's a decent place to hang with some mates and slam down some Cokes and chips and shit.

It's pretty alright but by no means amazing.

Kebab House Richmond Review

I went to this place when drunk on the recommendation of Tom Keele (SYN FM) and boy, his recommendation did not disappoint. Despite the big crowd of drunkies gathered in this Swan Street hot spot, I got served quite quickly and kindly. I ordered the mixed kebab and woah mama it was great! A satisfying end to a satisfying night.


Melbourne Zoo Tortilla Stand Review

This place was at the Melbourne Zoo and they charged like 12 bucks for a tortilla and it was pretty bloody average and also we got Cornettos from there but they hadn't stored them properly so the cones were soggy.

The moral of this review is to BRING YOUR OWN FOOD WHEN YOU GO TO THE ZOO PLEASE.

56 Threads Cafe Review

This place is in Kensington and it got like a billion points on Urbanspoon but man, it did not live up to that.
The food was half-decent I guess but shitty service and the place was nothin' special.
Pick up your game, Urbanspoon.

Happy Palace Review

This is an Asian bar in Bourke St which has burgers with cool sounding names. I think one was "Moo Tang Clan" and it was beef or something.

Anyway, the food was pretty good!

And on Saturday night they have $5 spirits!

So get on that shit.