Sunday, 28 June 2015

Gami's Chicken and Beer Review

Ohhhhhhh mama!

This is a chain of restaurants in Melbourne. I've only been to the one near Exhibition St but I've been told the others are also great.

Here's what you get-

You get chicken.

You get beer.


Chicken and beer does what it says on the tin: Chicken and Beer!

If you don't like chicken and beer, you won't like this place. If you like chicken and beer, you'll LOVE this place!

Make sure you book!

Friday, 26 June 2015

William's Bar Review

This place is on the corner of William St and Flinders St in the CBD in Melbourne and it's great! real good food, decent atmosphere, come along for a cool casual lunch and a cheeky beer. Or two! Ha ha.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nandos Review

This isn't specific to any Nando's- they all the same:
Look, I'll admit, the burgers are decent. Nothing special though! And they charge through the roof!
The chips are pretty good though, I'll give them that. That peri peri, oh man. BUT STILL IT'S WAY OVERPRICED!
We should all boycott Nando's until they charge less!
Man, I feel like Nando's now, damn.

Cafenatics Church Lane Review

I go to the place a lot for lunch. The sandwiches are awesome! It's a bit pricey but hey, treat yo self. Friendly staff too. See you there!

Woodstock Pizza Review

This place is in East Brunswick and it's great. Really nice establishment. Proper Italiano. Take the missus and enjoy. Or as they say in Italian, le enjoy, amigo!

Vapiano's Review

This is a pizza/pasta place in Flinders Lane in the CBD and oh man it's great. You go in, you get some pizza and/or some pasta and it's awesome.
My only criticism would be there needs to be a way clearer/consistent method for lining up to order.
Anyways, def check it out!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kenny's Bakery Cafe on Collins St Review

One of the best sandwich joints in town. So good. I usually get the chicken schnitzel sanga. They do great doughnuts and sausage rolls too. Awesome efficient service too! Get on down.

The Richmond Pie Shop Review

This place is on Swan St and is ace. Real good pies and real good thick shakes and real good sandwiches. Come here if you're in Richmond and want a bloody great lunch.

Mount View Hotel Review

This place is in Richmond and I really like it. The chips are awesome and even when it's late at night they give you decent jaffles. Check it out!

+39 Pizzeria Review

This place is in the CBD and is pretty good.

West Village NYC Review

This place is on South Wharf and oh man, pretty disappointing. They have this burger which is way overpriced and bland. Just beef and cheese and it was lame. And the dude who served it was rude. The bar itself is OK, but yeah don't get the food OK?