Saturday, 26 December 2015

Perkup Cafe & Burger Bar Review

This place is on Collins St and I like it.
Every weekday morning there's a girl out the front that sells TWO DOLLAR COFFEES and that is the best.
Also, I had a bacon burger there and it was real good and pretty reasonably priced.
One issue is that I went to get some water but there were no clean glasses which is pretty lame but at the same time the employee was cool and gave me some clean ones.
Anyway, in closing, this place is good!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Richmond Club Review

This place is on Swan St and does some really great pub food. I got a burger which was real good and apparently their other stuff is decent too. Nice staff as well.

Salsa's Review

Salsa's can fuck right off. Bland, crappy Mexican food. So so so so inferior to Mad Mex and Guzman and Gopez. Their chips are actually really decent though, I'll give them that. But who the fuck serves chips at a Mexican restaurant? Idiots.

Salt Seafood and Burger Bar North Melbourne Review

This place is on Errol St and had pretty cheap nice burgers.Chips are OK. I think I had fish here once too and it was good. So yeah, pretty decent place, check it out.

Mexicali Rose Review

Real good Mehican restaurant in Richmond. Filling and tasty. I recommend-o