Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Fitzroy Kebabs Review

This place is on Smith St and is great! My mates and I come here a lot after a comedy gig to unwind and eat gozleme and it's the best and they do a meal deal and the guy there is a super nice dude and yeah, it's good.

Woolworths Southern Cross Review

Sometimes I come here for coffee on the way to work because it's cheap and actually pretty good and not usually a huge wait but there is one dude who is always rude and yawns and just has real lousy customer service so I try to avoid it now because of him.
Just goes to show how important customer service is. Take note, businesses.

Simmo's Deli Review

This place is in South Melbourne and real good. Nice staff and huge variety. They do dim sims, sandwiches, chips, burgers, salads, lasagna, and more! Check it out.