Friday, 27 June 2014

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder Review

I went to this place on Bridge Rd for breakfast and it was great!

Service was excellent. We were given water very soon after being seated and our glasses were constantly being refilled, they asked if our food was good, and at one stage I knocked my fork onto the floor and a waitress replaced it immediately without being asked!

There was a large variety of meals and the food was real nice and served in decent portions and also there is a CHEESE ROOM!!!

You should go there, it is good.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Shanghai Dumpling House Review

This place is in Tattersalls Lane in the CBD and had pretty decent dumplings but TERRIBLE customer service.

The waitress wouldn't let us get a specific number of dumplings. She was like no, it has to be either 6 or 10 or some shit.

We also weren't offered any water. I requested some, it didn't come. I requested again and was just given the bottle and no glasses.



Friend of the blog, Ben Vernel has this to say:

"I returned to Shanghai Dumpling House despite Murphy's misgivings. The food tasted good last time, and I can overlook weird service. Well I made a big bloody mistake. Went for the sweet and sour pork and a beer. 2 hours later and I'm spewin'. Because the beer sucked. And the food made me vomit. I am vomiting in between sentences. I was wrong. Murphy was right. 

2 stars."

White Rabbit Record Bar Review

This cafe is in Kensington.

It's pretty good! They have nice staff and books and records (which I've been told are like big CD's which I've been told are like round music things) and there was once a dog there!

The food is pretty decent too.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Soda Rock Diner Review

This place is a '50s style diner on Chapel St. If that isn't enough to get you to come along, then what the hell is wrong with you?

They offer classic '50s American style food and beverages. I actually wasn't crazy about my meal surprisingly but everyone else seemed to enjoy their's. There were a few minor inconveniences, e.g. we had to ask for water and the toilets are behind a door labelled PRIVATE which is confusing but overall the place is a fun dining experience.

The best bit though was when "Shake Your Tail feather" by The Blues Brothers came on, and three of the waitresses came out and DID A DANCE!!!

Even though that song is from the '70s, it was still the best.

Pop Restaurant Review

This place is on Hardware Lane.

We got greeted by an English dude who said to everyone that walked past "Welcome to Hardware Lane" and I was like "You don't own the lane, man." Well I didn't actually say that because I wasn't 100% sure that he doesn't.

The food there was pretty good, but I won't bore you with the positive parts of the Pop Restaurant experience.


We didn't get water until we requested it.

Food took a long time.

My girlfriend had a dirty glass and when we asked for a new one, the waiter didn't apologise and instead looked up and then walked off with the glass and we were like "WHY DID HE LOOK UP? WHAT IS ABOVE US??"

In conclusion, decent food ruined by crappy customer service.